All In One Pool Lighting

Transform your pool atmosphere in the evening with Hayward lighting

Hayward White Lights

Transform your pool atmosphere in the evening with Hayward lighting, which will make your pool look brighter and more beautiful than ever before. An innovative lens design keeps the light in the water turning your pool into a shimmering waterscape of pure light. You’ll enjoy whiter, more natural light without shadowy corners or annoying glare.  Lighting may be controlled through an existing switch in your house or a remote control system. For a more dramatic lighting effect, we recommend LED color changing lighting.

Hayward Color Logic LEDHayward Color Logic LED

Hayward ColorLogic LED color-changing system provides the choice of five fixed colors and seven dazzling color-changing shows; a lighting solution you will enjoy for many years.

Hayward gives you the powerful options to improve and create a magical outdoor environment, for a peaceful atmosphere, or a party mood with an extensive selection of colors for both pools and spas.

Seven Exciting Color Shows

A constantly changing 1536 colors create a relaxing and sophisticated mood for evening entertainment.

Voodoo Lounge
When it’s time to really get the party going, over 1500 colors uncork your pool.

Set the mood for a relaxing evening with this serene show of calming blues and white.

Vibrant blue, green and magenta make this show a jewel of a choice for any pool party.

Show your patriotic spirit on the Fourth of July or any time with this star-spangled red, white and blue show.

Mardi Gras
Kids and adults alike will love the 36 fast-changing colors and atmosphere created by this cheerful show.

Cool Cabaret
Hit the disco and turn your pool into a nighttime hot spot with this vibrant shows featuring 36 different colors.

Five Dazzling Fixed Colors