5 Tips For Pool Maintenance

We are all looking forward to summer with the heat to enjoy the afternoons in the pool. But we must not forget about pool maintenance before.

If we want our pools to be in perfect condition for the heat’s arrival, we must take into account a series of tips.

Why Is Pool Maintenance So Important?

It is important for several reasons, but they all lead to the same conclusion. Pool maintenance work is essential so that when the heat arrives, we can enjoy a refreshing bath without problems.

Maintenance lasts all year.

It is not worth just cleaning the pool a week before we want to use it. To have the pool in the best conditions, we must take care of it throughout the year. Whether we leave it full or empty, we will have to be careful with the “life” generated. We are talking about microbes that can grow in water or animals that can sneak inside and make a home on our pool floor.

Take care of the pH of the water.

You will need the help of chemical products to keep the pH of the water between the recommended values. This is one of the most dangerous swimming pool maintenance tasks, which is why it is usually left to professionals. We offer you a complete swimming pool maintenance service that includes pH control. A great pool service in Lubbock, TX can tell you the exact specifications for your chemical needs.

Chlorine is very important.

It will help you keep the water in your pool at bay. For pool maintenance, chlorine is essential, as it will be in charge of keeping your pool clean and with transparent water. It is a task that must be controlled every few days, but here we offer the service of our lifeguards, who are specialists in controlling chlorine levels.

Use a pool cleaner.

There is both a manual and an automatic robot. The choice already depends on the needs of each one. But its use will be essential to keep the bottom of your pool impeccable.

The treatment plant is your greatest ally.

You have to check its correct operation every so often, the cleaner is the lung of the pool, so it is an essential part of the maintenance of swimming pools.

Trust The Best.

If you want your pool’s maintenance to be in the best hands, you must have some real professionals. We offer you a budget without obligation. Get in touch with us and be surprised by everything we can offer you.

What should you consider when buying a swimming pool robot?

If you have a swimming pool, then you have probably toiled a lot while cleaning the pool. Anyone who cleans the bottom and walls of their swimming pool with a vacuum cleaner will quickly lose an hour of time. The swimming pool robot seems to be the perfect alternative. But what should you take into account when you want to purchase a swimming pool robot?

The advantages of a swimming pool robot
On the one hand, you of course have the time savings . While the robot brightens up the pool, you have time for a tasty aperitif. How good can life be?

Furthermore, a good swimming pool robot ensures that the entire pool is cleaned: no forgotten corners.

By cleaning the pool with a pool robot, you also ensure improved filtering of the pool. The filters of the robot will collect the dirt, so that the sand filter is not overloaded. Less dirt also means that you need less maintenance products .

Finally, it is also much less difficult to maintain the pool with a robot. As a result, the pool will be cleaned more often and you will have a clearer pool.

The disadvantages of a swimming pool robot
A disadvantage of such a robot is somewhat the cost. For a good robot you pay about $1500. That’s a lot of money. On the other hand, such a robot will last at least 10 years. Then you come to a cost of $150 per year. Compared to the time savings, the cost price is not too bad.

A second disadvantage is that such a robot, any brand, and any model, becoming difficult will have to occur . Due to the short distance of those steps, the robot is unable to clean them. The staircase therefore remains to be cleaned manually. Although that was done in no time with a good brush.

Next, The downside is that your robot best not used in the first cleaning after winter. When the bottom of the pool is heavily polluted, the robot filters will quickly become clogged. It is therefore best to do the first maintenance in the spring manually.

Choose a model that is suitable for your pool
There are many different models of pool robots. How do you choose the right model?

Above all, make sure that the robot is suitable for your pool. For example, choose a robot that can handle the length of your pool. In talking with Clear Blue Plano, they tell us that you should always have a vacuum hose of at least the depth of your pool longer than the farthest spot from your vacuum line. For more pool service info, their site is great. We consider them the best pool service in plano tx. For many reasons. Prompt, courteous technicians that can solve your problem in a single visit. And they’ve got excellent prices compared to others around Dallas/Ft Worth.

Also check whether the robot is suitable for your interior lining or surface . Some models have brushes that are suitable for any surface. That way you don’t have to take this into account.

Choose a model that suits you
Furthermore, the robot must also meet your wishes. For example, consider whether you think it is important that the robot can also clean the walls.

You can also control some models with a remote control or an App on your smartphone. These are slightly more expensive functions, but they do offer extra ease of use and quality.

Some robots have a caddy or trolley so that the pool robot can easily be moved . It also ensures that you can easily store the robot.…