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Our Company

All in One Pools is proud to offer custom swimming pools, spas, decks and enclosures of exceptional quality. Our highly qualified construction team will complete the majority of your project “in-house” so that we can provide exceptional control of quality. We own all of our own equipment and operate out of a facility that we designed and built in Central Brevard County.

Our custom designs and quality workmanship provide you with the greatest construction value in Brevard. Our honesty, integrity and hard work are the foundation of every pool that we build.

All In One Pools has 9 years of experience building the finest quality pools in Brevard.  We have a developed a reliable 12 week construction schedule to ensure that your pool is built with stringent standards in a timely fashion.
  1. Site Review
    Our construction superintendent will visit the job site to verify access and construction details
  2. Excavation & Steel
    First material order is delivered and dig, form, and steel crew will follow. Steel placement takes approximately one week followed by an inspection.
  3. Concrete Shell Tank
    Concrete/gunite will be applied and you will see your pool begin to take shape. Ground water is pumped from the site to allow the construction of the pool tank.
  4. Tile/Color Selection
    You will select the tile, interior finish and deck color for your new custom pool
  5. Backfill and Plumb
    Pool is prepared for plumbing and plumbing is installed including piping for the circulation system.
  6. Tile
    Tile installation is scheduled prior to the deck formation. Water line tile is installed.
  7. Decking/Pavers
    Your deck is formed and a termite pretreatment is applied. Inspection follows. The pouring of concrete or installation of pavers is scheduled.
  8. Acrylic Deck (if applicable)
    The texture of your deck is applied. The base coat of color is applied to seat the deck.
  9. Electrical
    A licensed electrician for the electrical installation of your pool is scheduled.
  10. Screen Enclosure/Child Fence (if applicable)
    Child fence and/or screen enclosures will be installed.
  11. Interior Finish / Equipment
    Our prep crew will prepare your pool for the interior finish.
  12. Acid Wash / Start Up
    After pool has been plastered the pool will be acid washed to bring out its true color and we will begin filling it with water.  Over the next couple of days your equipment will be started and chemicals will be added to the pool water.
  13. Pool School
    The construction coordinator will set up pool school with you and our service manager to explain operating procedures, chemical balancing, and general maintenance procedures.  Your pool is now ready for your enjoyment.
  14. Punch List
    If any deficiencies exist, please make a “punch list” itemizing them and we will address them in a timely manner.
  15. Final Inspection
    A final inspection is scheduled once the homeowner has met the alarm/barrier requirements established by the State of Florida.